Kennel Unistars Portuguese Waterdogs since 1997

About the parrents and thoughts about the litter

The Female:
Rödtop Sweet Heaven Celebration

HD: A Optigen: B, JDCM: 1-1 Normal, GM-1: Normal, IC: Normal, Eyechecked: 26th January 2011 Few distichiasis

Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Nordich, Ducth and Internationale Champion.

Copenhagen Winner 08, World Wide PWD Junior Winner 08, World Wide PWD Winner 08, Nordic Junior Winner 08, DKK Winner 08, PWD of the year in Denmark 08, Amsterdam Junior Winner 08, Amsterdam Winner 08, Copenhagen Winner 10, Danish Winner 10, DKK Winner 10 and PWD of the year in Denmark 10.

Cirkeline is an extremly sweet girl, completly convinst that the world is made for her, and not opposite(-: She is very loving, and if she sees the option, she will award anyone with lots of kisses. She is curious and not nervous in any ways, which makes her an absolutely faboulous dog for children(-: Cirkeline loves food, and will do almost anything for a treat.

Cirkeline is born in Sweden.

The Male:
Questar's Let The Sun Shine At Go And Win

HD: A, Optigen: A, JDCM: 1-1 Normal, GM-1: Normal, IC: Carrier, Eyechecked: 3rd February 2011 Clear.

Ortenau Jugend Sieger 09, Berlin Jugend Sieger 09, Leipzig VDH-Sieger 09

German Junior Champion (VDH), German Champion (VDH) and Internationale champion.

Anjo is a sweet and energetic boy with lots of will to explore the world. He loves to please his owners and needs to have tasks everyday, especially waterwork is a passion of his. He loves company and favorise company of children(-: He is in no way reserved or nervous, which is a big advantage when you are a family dog(-: Anjo is, like Cirkeline, having a passion for food, maybe a bit too much, but as both his owners are vets, he is on a strict diet and you won't be able to see his passion on him.

Anjo is born in the USA.

The thoughts about the combination of Cirkeline and Anjo:

Both dogs are similar in mind, easy, uncomplicated and straightforward, which makes it quite possible to predict what type of mind the puppies will have(-: as puppies often are similar to theire parrents, also in the way of behavior(-:
The combination is an absolute outcross, 0% inbreeding.
Both Cirkeline og Anjo are linebreed, but on totally different lines, eventhough the lines have quite some similarities in mind and conformation. Cirkeline and Anjo both being linebreed will in my conviction give a really good equlibirium of the genes.

Health wise the two dogs equals eachother perfectly, and no puppies will be able to develope blindnes or be born with improper coats. All puppies are free of heart and nerve disease. The puppies are out of two HD: A parrents, the best result possible to achive within hips displasia. 

In conformation we speak of two absolute top dogs, that can compete on high level all over the world. They have both achieved really remarkable results in the show ring, a good mind and a healthy body is necessary to achieve what these two dogs have already achieved. They are both strong and muscular dogs that maintains the standard with excellence.