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Unistars DB9 Aston Martin


HD: B (B/A), AD: 0, OCD: unaffected, PRA: B Carrier, JDCM: 1-1 Normal (b.p.), GM-1: Normal (b.p.), IC: Normal

Bayern State Junior Winner 2012, Leipzig Junior Winner 2012, Bundes Junior Sieger 2012, Europa Sieger 2013, German Spring Winner 2013, Bundes Sieger 2013, Copenhagen Winner 2013, DKK Winner 2013 - Portuguese Waterdog Of The Year In Denmark

German (VDH) Junior Champion
Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Nordich, Luxembourg, German VDH, Dutch and International Champion 

Aston is a lovely and very beautiful young boy, who have taken us all by storm. He is very happy and surely the working type of a PWD. He adores waterwork and have a high endurance. He is not nervous in any ways, and a faboulous dog for children. He loves food and will do anything for a treat. Towards other males he can be dominant.

Questar's Let The Sun Shine At Go And Win Questar's Thunder And Lightning Pinehaven The Pretender Pinehaven It Had To Be You
Pinehaven Barqueiro's Starlet
Questar's Athena Nike Seabreeze Dream Weaver
Questar's Aldebaran
Questar's Once In A Blue Moon Hunter's The One For Deerpark Hunter Walking On Water
Hunter's Ballantine
Questar's Shooting Star Pinehaven The Pretender
Questar's Athena Nike
Rödtop Sweet Heaven Celebration Tajmadoran Haribo Tajmadoran Cameron Bismark Da Casa Do Macau
Tajmadoran Estefania
Tajmadoran Marabou Booguie
Tajmadoran Filiola
Rödtop Cian O Connor Fryksdalens Dryga Drillo Booguie
Rödtop Peggie Sue I Fryksdalen
Rödtop Raya Port Au Princess Gorila Do Vale Negro
Rödtop Porto Terra


Unistars Google Me


HD: B (B/A), AD: 0, OCD: Unaffected, CDPA: Normal, CDDY: Not testet, PRCD-PRA: Normal, EOPRA: Normal, JDCM: Normal (b.p.), MO: Normal (b.p.) GM-1: Normal, IC: Normal, Eyes Clear: 06.04.2022.

Danish Champion

Kimber Winner 21' & Fjord Winner 22'

Herman is owned and loved by Eskild in Odense, but is shown and groomed by us. He is available for breeding through contact with us.

Herman is a sweet and easy going boy, he is always happy and goes along with large groups of loose dogs in the neighborhood (including intact males). He feels naturally as part of other animals like horses and cows :-) He calms down when indoor and is active when out and working.


Unistars Gin Hass


HD: A, AD: 0, OCD: Unaffected, CDPA: Not testetl, CDDY: Not testet, PRCD-PRA: Normal (b.p.), EOPRA: Normal (b.p.), JDCM: Normal (b.p.), MO: Normal (b.p.) GM-1: Normal (b.p.), IC: Not testet.

Danish Champion

Danish Winner 22'

Milo is owned and loved by Linda in Ribe. Milo is well trained and keeps in show condition by Linda and only having a small help with grooming and handling from us. 
Milo is available for breeding and contact to Linda can be conveyed through us.

Milo is a sweet and easy going boy, he is always happy and energetic ready to please his family. He lives with a gecko and 4 kids, in top of that he is an excellent hunting dog. He calms down when indoor and like his mom he loves to sit in the chairs and lay close <3

The last genetest will be done and eyes will be checked on request.