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We had some of considerations about using Flora in breeding, but have decided that she has so many great things to give to the breed, that we should want her genes to go on. And when we just  found the right match for her our happiness just wouldnt take an ending, so we are proud to present our breeding plans for spring 2023 

Flora ❤ Jeep

We are at anytime more than happy to answer questions and give you further information about our plans and conciderations - jusk ask (-:

This will be our H-litter and in this litter we will aim for happy, healthy, sweet and beautiful puppies with a good working energy. 

Jeep is an amazing sweet dog, easy going with other dogs and animals, he is very beautiful and have a happy working drive. Jeep is a son of Cowboy which we had the pleasure of keeping with us for some months and we made up Cowboy to Danish, Swedish, Norwegian and Nordic Champion, and fell completely in love with him, so for us to be able to use his son Jeep is very special for us, and also Jeep will bring us some new blod to our lines.
In type Jeep complements perfectly with our Flora.

Flora is the sweetest dog we have ever had, she is such a loving character, and so easy going, and is truely the baby of the group at home, even though she is not the youngest anymore. She is highly talented in rally obidience, and have done very well in the showring so far.

If you are interested in a puppy from us please copy our questions ( and fill in your answers and send it to us. 

Here is a good link to some really great reading about PWDs and considerations: 


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