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This morning Coco and Aston was out in the garden and after a litle playing arround they mated.

We will let them walk together later today and again tommorrow.

Then we can only wait and see🙂

- From all of us to all of you Happy New Year😀

Kennel Unistars Wishes Everyone and Merry Christmas ❤


2013 Have been a very succesfull year:

Unistars Coco Chanel:
International Champion, German Champion, Ducth Champion, Luxembourgh Champion. 

Spring Winner '13 (Germany), Copenhagen Winner '13 (Denamrk), BundesSieger '13 (Germany), Danish Winner '13 (Denmark).


Unistars DB 9 Aston Martin:
Danish Champion, Norwegian Champion, Swedish Champion, Nordic Champion, Luxembourgh Champion, International Champion, German Champion.

Europa Sieger '13 (Germany), Spring Winner '13 (Germany), Copenhagen Winner '13 (Denmark), BundesSieger '13 (Germany), DKK Winner '13 (Best Cao de Agua Portuguese in Denmark). 


22nd December Unistars Coco Chanel is now in heat ❤

15th  December We participated at the Amsterdam Winner show, where both Aston and Coco had to see them selfs placed as second Best Male and second Best Femal, not bad, but still not good enough to take home the titles. 

At this show we had competition from USA, United Kingdom and The Netherlands, and well the titles stayed in Holland, congratulations to Ilona from Casa Hoyas. 

Unistars DB 9 Aston Martin Best Of Breed at Amsterdam International show the 13th December 2013 in The Netherlands. This take him half way on the goal which is to make him up to a Dutch Champion :-)
Anyone can need a litle love, even when competing.
Our baby boy with his roset :-)
There was a lovely athmosphere at the show


28th November Aston and Coco seems to be more silly than usual, so I am suspious about if it is because she is starting in heat already? 🤭

Aston Best Champion Male and 2nd Best Male
Coco in individual judgements
The judge having a close look
Coco Winning BOS and hereby became Danish Winner 2013!
We had a great day with great Company!
Thank you for coming, and for taking care of me and the dogs!

Danish Winner Show 2013 - Herning, Denmark.

3rd of November we were in Herning for the International Danish Winner Show.

Aston was first up and did a great job even though he was a bit impatient in the individual judgement. The champion class consisted only the big stars from the Nordic countries so it would be hard work to proceed. But Aston did it, despite his young age, and became best Champion male. Later he had to see the junior male become Best of Breed.

Coco had also strong competition in champion class from one of the best-known females and handler. But the little brown Coco did the job and became best champion female. Later she passed the junior female and became Best Female in Breed.

She ended-up being Best Opposite Sex and she became Danish Winner 2013.

We had a lovely day together with Cirkelines "mother" Karen and Nelles "mom and dad" Tove and Steve. They had made Coffey and brought homemade bread. Nice.

We got a visit from Marie. She hopes that Coco and Aston will get a lot of female puppies so she can have one of them. She also brought some homemade pastry so we did not starve.

Thanks to all that did this day so memorable.



Aston at the individual judgements
Best Male - Aston just being happy!
Coco doing what she loves the most - To Move!
Best Champion Females
Aston in the Main Ring He did a great job!

Bundessieger Show 2013 - Dortmund, Germany.

Germanys most visited show covering a very large and impressive area.

This time Christian had the chance to be there. This turned out to be the last show in Germany for some time since we received the titles we came for.

Aston started and met strong competition from two of his half brothers, two lovely boys, one of them had won the group at the paralelle show Friday.

Aston was not 100% concentrated but the judge kept sending the dogs round in the ring and finally I got Aston to run perfectly.

After a long time and many tours round the ring the breed specialist Louis Catalan from Portugal decided that Unistars DB9 Aston Martin was the Best Male of the day and Bundessieger 2013 and also new German VDH Champion.

Coco was as always ready when it counts. Coco had also strong competition but here the decision came quickly. Unistars Coco Chanel was Best Female in Breed and Bundessieger 2013.

Afterwards the titles were celebrated with champaign and chocolate and the judge passed by for a chat. Nice when ones dogs do leave an impression on one of the breeds "Grand old men".

We are so proud of our 4-legged family members.

Later in the day Aston did a great job in the main ring but was not placed.

But all in all what a result. We got what we hoped for and then some.

The puppies after Aston and Coco will be some title-babies


The 22nd September we participated at DKKs Internationale Copenhagen Winner Show. My dogs didn't disapoint me, and also the judge could see their qualities, Unistars Coco Chanel were Best Female in Breed and Best Opposite Sex (BOS) and thereby also Copenhagen Winner 2013. Unistars DB 9 Aston Martin were Best Male in Breed and Best Of Breed (BOB) and thereby also Copenhagen Winner 2013. Aston also won the CACIB, and this was our first temptation after he acchieved his first CACIB 1 year and a couple of days ago in Rogaland, Norway. He hereby triggered the title: International Champion..... yes! We have not counted the CACIBs the he has won during this one year, but he has plenty ;-) Winning BOB at this show, made him unbeatable in the annual competition to become PWD Of The Year In Denmark 2013, DKK Winner 2013 :-) I am just so proud!
Unistars Coco Chanel Participated in her first agility competition the 15th September and succeded doing level 1 without faults and in time, so now she just have to do this two more times then she is off to level 2 :-)

The 6th September 2013 we left home very early with direction going south, on our way out of town we picked up Mette and her dalmation Malou from so we had great company on the way. But what a tour, we had so much road repairs, queue, accidents etc. and the 900 km took us 13 hours to drive.

Well we arrive safe and sound, but tired. We had a good sleep at the hotel and were earli at the showground the 7th September.

Aston was the only male in champion class, and he won this class, which acchieved him with a CACL that releases the title Champion of Luxembourg, wauw what a dream come true, this was all we came for, in best male competition Aston had competition from an intermidiate male which became best male and Aston 2nd best male with reserve CACIB, and I was so happy with his performance in the ring, we surely did our best, but today just wasn't our day 🤩 

Coco had rough competition from 2 other very strong champion females and I was pretty nervous if she could make it. But so she did, once again she went, Best Champion Female and won the famous CACL and is also a new Champion of Luxembourg, so so happy and proud. She was Best Female in Breed and BOS. 

So with 2 new PWD Champions of Luxembourg, and a new dalmation Champion of Luxembourg 👍 We set a very happy car on direction north again. The trip went well all the way to the elb tunnel in Hamborg, then it was over and also our return trip took us 13 hours, but happy 13 hours 🤪

Unfortunately we didn't get any pics of Aston in the ring, but Coco is picture winning BOS 🙂  


The 30th August Aston and I were off to DKK's national show in Varde.

It were a very hot day and Aston suffered in the heat, he is just not a dog for hot weather 😎 He was the only PWD entered in the breed, but you never know if you will pass anyway 😉 But he did win BOB and got acces to the group were he took a 2nd place which put him amoung the top 20 on this shows almost 2000 dogs entered, so proud of this guy ❤

We had a short but pleasent visit from one of our coming "baby" buyers Pernille and her husband 😋


2nd July we got Astons genetest result for IC, and he is tested Normal. Also we had him tested for PRCD-PRA were he is tested Carrier.

Coco started July by being in heat, and eventhough her and Astons were deeply in love, well it wasn't this time that it were meant to be. But it gives us a better guidance on when her next heat will be, and then they will be allowed to fulfill theire love. As it is now we plan to have Coco in heat and mated january 2014.

The 9th of July we officially eyechecked both Coco and Aston, both without any remarks, we are so happy for that.

30th July I made some updates on the puppy site 💋