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Kennel Unistars PWD's through 20 years

The 23rd February 2017 we expanded our family with 10 new members

Before dinner the 23rd February Susan started labor again but this time only 1 day before official delivery day.

We first received what was left of the one which died when Susan for the first time went in labor on the 11th of February and then came 11 alive puppies, one very small male was only 230 g. all the others normal size between 250 g. to 350 g. most of them around 300 g. and all of them very strong.

We had our vet out on the 24th in the morning to check up on Susan and the pups. Susan is doing fine, I was a litle worried on our small boy that didn't gain much weight and on one of our boys that had even lost weight, everything seemed fine though, she adviced us to suply the big boys in order to have more milk for the small puppies, but what can I say our big boys don't want to take the fake product.

So to plan B we gave glucose to the small boy and the one who had lost weight, and they had only the best breasts. The small boy reacted beautifully and is now gaining weight, were the other one unfortunately had a few hours doing better but then again worse. We discovered that he had a cleft palate. This is not commen in the breed, and neither we or the males breeder have had this before and as it can also be due to enviromental influence, and we have had a very troubled pregnantcy it makes good sense that this is the reason. 
Nature is tuff and saturday the 25th our litle Mr Grey quietly fell a sleep and died in his mommys coat.

At the end of a beautiful delivery, I must say Susan did an amazing job, we also received 2 deadborn puppies, 1 male and 1 female, the male was surely not fully developed and was only 180 g. the female looked fine but her amniotic had burst and she might have been on the way for too long time, sadly.

So out of a litter of 14 puppies, we managed to safe 8 boys and 2 girls and they all look healthy and strong, in consideration that most vets predicted that we would loose them all, we are ever so thankfull for and pleased with our new family members.

Most puppies are already spoken for, but we might have one or maximum two males availeble for lovely homes from this litter.

Meet our lovely F-litter ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

Day 59 🐾💗

Hope you can see how the babies are moving around in there.... Have put in a litle new sites under puppies 2017

Monday the 20th February Christian and Susan went to our own vet Benedikte and had an ultrasound done - ultrasound showed at least 8 strong hearts - what could be better news?
The weight showed 29,5 kilos.

Today it is sunday the 19th February and we now have 5 days till official delery date, but most likely Susan will be a litle early, but no wonder, she is so big and is now becoming a bit troubled by the weight.
Susan likes to be a litle spoiled with her food now, as she is eating alone and her owner wants to keep blodsugar stabile 😉 
I can feel the puppies and have tryed to make alot of movie clips of it, but with out much succes.

We will send out IP cam informations on email to all our families waiting for our puppies, and to friends that like to follow the litter. 

Friday the 17th February we went to Copenhagen again to see Nina E. Diers.
It seems that the dead puppy is in solution. Susans infection numbers are still perfectly normal, and also her temprature is normal. Ultrasound showed lots of big and strong puppies, with perfect heart rytmes ❤
Her progesterone was IDEXX 7,5 monday it was 9,5 - so according to that she will deliver the babies in 4-5 days, so Nina recomended not to take any more actions.
We will do one final altrasound on monday the 20th February just to make sure they are all doing fine, and don't have need for an urgent c-session.
I just can't express how happy I am that we have come this far, 6 days ago I was sure we would loose the hole litter, 4 independent vets, including 2 repro vets, recomending c-session that would make the end of all Susan and Happys babies.
Thank God for my own vet Benedikte sugesting to go to Copenhagen, for Ilona, NL and Candace, USA for believing in saving the litter, sharing their experiences and being there for us almost 24 hours a day.   So everything seems even a bit more positive today.

Susan is becoming to be rather troubled by her big and heavy stomach  She is making +28 kilos now from her normal 20 kilos.


Wednesday the 15th February we went to our local emergency vet, as it is winter vecation in Denmark and our own vet is on vecation.
Ultrasound showed big and growing babies doing well, puffing and kicking around.
Also the vet commented on the big milkbar that Susan is setting now, I was so happy to hear that. 
And one new huge thing for me is that I can now feel the babies when I lay my hand on Susans belly ❤
9 days to go - we are keeping Susan on maximum calm restrictions and will give her another vet check soon.
I am so grateful to all who have been a huge support in helping us and sharing their experiences for us to at least be able to try to give the puppies the chance to live, we still have a long way to go, but we hope and do our best.

Monday the 13th February we struggled to find a vet willing to give a second opppion and give it a try to safe the puppies. But finally we found Nina E. Diers at Ølby animal hospital (Copenhagen) a very experience reproduction vet who is also specialised in late pregnancy complications.
From here Susans level of progesteron raised to 9,5 but the puppy in the birth canal had died and Susan came out of labor again, we are risking that the dead puppy can cause Susan and the rest of the puppies an infection and poisoning, but so far her infections numbers are normal and the vet, believed that the dead puppy seemed smaller than the rest of the puppies and she assumes that Susan is trying to absorb the puppy. All the rest of the puppies were all doing fine with perfect heart rytmes and lots of kicking and puffing around, made me burst into tears. So we are a litle more optimistic after this consultation.

We have no guarantee, but there is a litle hope now 

We turned week 6 in Susans pregnancy and everything were looking so fine, eventhough she had become very big.
But all of a sudden we were hit by the shock of black amniotic fluid on the floor. Saturday the 11th of February at 6 o'clock Susan were dropping black liquid from her vagina and then after 2 hours it turned green but then again after another 2 hours it was gone, but my alarm bells were ringing, so we were in contact with our reproduction vets, and had an ultrasound done, and the result were that we were having one puppy in the birthway which were not doing well but all the others were doing fine, so far, but, her blod test showed that her progesteron were only 0,5 which means Susan has ended the pregnantcy 13 days too early.

So what was left for us to do was hoping that Susan would start giving birth naturally, but unfortunately only to receive puppies that are already dead or who would die shortly after there arrival, if this had not happen before monday the 13th February, we would do another ultrasound and consult our repro vets, but there weren't much hope to receive alive puppies.

During all this Susan seem to just do fine, and were happy as always, and do the things she always do also eating and drinking well.
If Susan had shown the slightest sign of weakness we would end the pregnancy imidiately, also resulting in a litter of puppies that could not survive.

Just passing 5 weeks pregnancy Susan's belly is growing so fast I almost worry for her. She no longer want to participate in our running on the same conditions as we use to, so we have cut down alot on the speed and a bit on the distance.

We have put in the barrier sticks in the whelping box, these sticks prevent the female from accidentially laying on or squeezing a puppy. They might not look comfy, but when in the box early Susan will be use to them, and they are life safers.

We will do a second ultra sound just to be sure that the babies are doing well. 

Almost 4 weeks pregnant and there is really coming signs of pregnancy, Susan who have always been the baby for the family is now all of a sudden becoming adult, so fun to see ❤

Pregnancy confirmed

So so happy and pround to say that we have pregnancy confirmed by Happy & Susan. 9-10 small hearts beating. Ultrasound expertly done by Katrine Kirchhoff at Frijsenborg Vet group the 16th January 2017.

2 weeks since we mated Susan with Happy - and we have now observed that Susan is a litle more calme and a litle more amorous ❤ and I do believe their is a litle difference in the niples as well 😉 Ohhh we almost can't wait to see the ultra sound on the 16th January 🙃



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Happy New Year 2017

We ended the show year 2016 in Herning were Cirkeline (Multi Ch & W Rodtop Sweet Heaven Celebration) became Best Of Breed Veteran and herby also Danish veteran Winner 2016 - so proud of her and the shape my friend Karen is keeping her in ❤
In Herning our Susan was invited to be a participant in the Nordic Junior Handling Championship.
A competition were handler and dog don't know each other before the competition starts. The competion is for the top 20 best junior handlers in the nordic countries, so only the cream of the cream competing, and I am so proud to say that our sweet litle Susan did a fantastic job working like a pro for 4 hours, but OMG Susan and her norwegian junior handler Susann won Silver medal at the Nordic Championship in Junior handling.

The 10th December Coco came in heat and the 15th December Susan went in heat. So right after a wonderful Christmas we packed up and went to Holland in the evening on the 25th december so that we could meet up with happy in the morning on the 26th December. 

Puppies expected

To see Happy and Susan meet again on the 26th December was so sweet, these two dog are really in love ❤

In the morning on the 26th they only had fun and played together, but when we meet again in the afternoon they succeded to mate. We decided to let them meet again on the 27th at midday, and again they mated succesfully. After the second mating we went to meet Happy's family, Petra Heuseveldt her husband their two children and a foster child. Thank you for your hospitality, it was so nice to see how Happy lives his everyday life. We decided to let Susan and Happy meet again in the morning on the 28th December and they mated for the third time before we went back home to Denmark.

Thank you Ilona Griffion to let us have the possiblity to use Happy with Susan. This is really a dream combination, Happy is the sweetest boy on earth and I couldn't wish for a better temperament, and he carries a litle of our old lines, and some new beautiful lines into our breeding.

Now for the next 2 weeks it is just a question to keep Susan in good shape and avoiding any type of stressfull situations, for the pregnancy to be succesfull. At the end of week 4 we will do an ultrasound to confirm the pregnancy.

As our girls have never had problems with fertility and we know Happy can produce big litters, and we now have 3 succeded matings, we do expect a rather big F-litter to be born in the end of February, and ready for their new families at the end of April 2017.
So we are still looking for loving families to become new stationary homes for our coming spring puppies 2017. 

We have put in a page on how to find us and were stay - maybe a help for some of you?  

Ultrasound by Katrine Kirchhoff at Frijsenborg Vet group the 16th January 2017 - we are so excited 🙂