Kennel Unistars PWD breeding through 20 years

Puppies are now 5 weeks - and very impressive puppies - enjoy

The puppies have been registered.

The puppies had their 1 month birthday and also turned 4 weeks yesterday.

As everyone have seen on the camera they are developing high speed now, so amazing and we are gearing up and getting ready for fun.

They play alot and try out their abilities. Different enviroments (near by), new sounds and small balancing boards.

They are starting to take really big meals and today they have been outside for the first time, and they enjoy that so much, but it also makes them very tired, but wonderful weather we have for them, and alot of them used the oppotunity to pie and poop outside - good babies just exactly the reason why it is so much easier and joyfull with spring puppies.

Soon it is time for the first deworming, that usually gives quite some extra work ;-) 

I must say I though feel a bit sad that they are already 4 weeks as I will start to say good buy to some of them already in 4 weeks time. I still get a big lump in my stomach when we have to setle on a date, but hopefully it will change.

Everyone have tiny small teeth now. But they are still sweet and lovely, but it makes you remember that there will soon come a time were entering the puppy room will feel like putting your feets into a pool full of piranhas.

Daddy Happy and his breeder plus his family will make us a vist on the 2nd of April 2017 between 10-15, so if you like to see and meet Happy you are welcome to visit us. Really hope for good weather so that we can enjoy them in the garden. 

I have ordered health certificates and 8 week vaccination on the 20th April at 9 o'clock in the morning.

The puppies are now showing alot more personality and I'm trying get a picture which personality will fit into which family. 

Time flies and the puppies are already 3 weeks old, and were I am thinking in starting puppy socialization, most of you have started to think of visiting days and pick up dates. The puppies are turning 8 weeks the 20th April 2017 and can be picked up after that date.  All puppies recieve a health certificate at 8 weeks, the first vaccination and their blue EU passport etc.

For now the puppies are gaining alot of weight, and all have so very well tripeld their birth weight.

We have startet to focus on house clean habituation by laying blue pads right in front of their box, so when they wake up they walk on the blue pad to do their stuff and as they grow we can move the blue pads towards the door and then outside. All puppies are pooping regulary, which makes a nurse very happy.

The puppies are enjoying visitors, and are ever so tired afterwords.

Also new small impression have a massive impact on them, but it is just very small thing still.

The puppies have discovered that they have clear and loud voices, and they don't hesitate to use them.

April 2nd we will have a visit from Happy and his family and breeder.

 Not all the puppies managed to tripel their birth weight at 14 days, but then again we discovered that Susan was in trouble to keep them all going as she suffered from a lime shock, when the puppies were 18 days old. Susan received urgent calcium treatment, and is still in calcium and phosphorus treatment. The puppies had to be supplied before being breastfeeded by Susan in order to spare her, so we served them infant formula, which some of them thought was okay, but cant really say it was a huge succes, and also our smart boy Mr. Green managed so well to lick the infant formula that he got him self a "balloon" stomach, poor boy, but he managed with stomach massage, and a litle more controlled drinking. We have now started to give the puppies Royal Canin Starter Mousse with Royal Canins infant formula on, and now thats a different story, they love it but are getting really dirty when eating, so I am considering to make an oppoinment with our local supermarket to deliver a truck of babywipes each week.

Coco visited us today, and she was totally in love with the puppies. Coco have been on vecation first with my mom (they have a special relation) in Copenhagen, and now she is staying with my brother near by, in order to give Susan maximum peace to care for her babies.

There will be the first photo shooting of the puppies the 26th March to make the first professional photos of the puppies.  

All puppies are now reserved. 

The 5th March puppies are 10 days old and they have all doubled their birth weight.

They are starting to walk instead of crawling. So funny to see them taking their first steps.

Mr Green have as the first one startet to open one eye today - also something we really are looking foreward for the puppies starting to see.

Susan have changed behaveviour, from being over the puppies all the time, to going in and out of the puppy box as needed. But the puppies are developing so well. Sleepin, eating and growing.

We will start receving guest from the 10th March 2017 

1 week old the 2nd of March, wauw how time flies.

Susan is doing a great job with her babies.

Puppy buyers and male owners are watching the puppies grow on the IP cam.

We have supplied our smallest puppy Mr Green with a litle glucose almost every day. He loves it and it gives him energy to hang on the breast his on.

The puppies are getting really strong now and that is such a relief for us.