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Pedigree names for our D litter

Pedigree names and registration number for all our lovely puppies(= We have put families on some of the puppies but it can change depending on their development, we will make the final decision on which puppy goes to which family the 10th June 2011 after they have had their temperament test.


Unistars Dragonfly, Brown male with black collar Bente and Tonny, Brønshøj

Cao De Agua Portugues


Unistars Db 9 Aston Martin, Black male with white front paw and light blue collar Our own boy, Svendborg

Cao De Agua Portugues


Unistars Do Believe In Love, Black male with blue collar Hanna Björk, Klässbol

Cao De Agua Portugues


Unistars Dreamworks, Brown female with purple collar  Hilde Ask, Bergen

Cao De Agua Portugues


Unistars Discover True Love, Brown female with orange collar Debbie Linnet, Hellerup

Cao De Agua Portugues


Unistars Danish Domain, Brown female with beige collar Family Jøker, Accra

Cao De Agua Portugues


Unistars Daydream Believer, Black female with brown collar Therese Nyström, Kristinehamn

Cao De Agua Portugues


Unistars Devine Dijon, Brown female with silver collar Anne Marie, Genner

Cao De Agua Portugues


Unistars Dazzling Danit, Brown female with pink collar  Family Vynne, Frederikshavn

Cao De Agua Portugues