Kennel Unistars - PWD breeding through 20 years

Finding our place is not difficult if you know what to look for 🙂

Most GPS's stop at Egenappevej 135 which is our neighbor, you will have to continue another 150 meter till you get to our driveway which is marked by a litle wooden shed with two mailboxes and a swedish warning triangel with a PWD in the center and our hosenumber 153. We do have a very long driveway, around 250 meters.

Egenappevej ends as a blind road, and the blind part of the road is rather narrow, but you can access by car. We do live at the blind part of Egenappevej.

If you com to Denmark by airplane, you will most likely discover that you can get the cheapest tickets to Copenhagen airport (Kastrup), but Denmark is devided by a bridge that costs 240 dkr each way and you will have to cross the bridge to get to our place from Copenhagen. If you choose to come by Copenhagen airport and rent a car, be aware not to take direction Malmø (Sweden), Copenhagen airport is last exit on the highway before Sweden, and once on the highway in directioen Sweden you will be asked to pay for crossing the bridge 360 dkr each way.
There is a train direct from Copenhagen airport to Nyborg or Odense - Nyborg is the easiest town for us to pick you up, but Odense is alright as well for us to pick you up.

If you wish to stay in Copenhagen, my mom Maren Wilstrup, has an appartment not far from the airport that you can properbly stay in if you wish for it, just ask us.

Airports near our place is Odense, Billund, Aarhus and Karup. The tickets to these airports might be a litle more expensive, but cheaper in the long term, as you don't have to pay for the bridge if you rent a car.
If you go to Odense we can easily pick you up there. If you plan to take public transport it is difficult from Billund, Aarhus and Karup.

We unfortunately don't have a guestroom in our house so if you need a place to stay in Svendborg there is a litle different opportunities here:,_t%C3%A5singe,_%C3%A6r%C3%B8,_drej%C3%B8,_langeland/svendborg#s - All okay places at a fair prices, and most of them in town. We live 5 km from the center of town in the eastern part of Svendborg.
Hotels in Svendborg are only 2,5 km from us and lovely walk path all the way. In town there is and  

There is quite som campingplaces around Svendborg, and I'll put in links to some of them, but I must admit it is a long time since I've navigated in camping sites, and I'm not quite sure what you're looking for and what you prefer, so please make your own research and send the the questions you have?

We will try and see if we can borrow/rent a caravan which will stand right outside our house, as an extra room for our puppy buyers to use - let us know if you'll be interested in that?