Proudly sponsered by VOM

Kennel Unistars - Portuguese Waterdogs since 1997

With a Unistars puppy you get......

- Our puppies grow up in the heart of our home and all family members are involved. 

- We try to visit most of our puppy buyers before they get their puppy, but even our time is limited, and we don't have time to see all before they move, but usually we get to visit all our puppy buyers sooner or later.
- Parents are tested for HD, AD, PRCD-PRA, EOPRA, JDCM, GM-1, IC, MO and of course eye checked.
- You can follow the birth and our puppies 24 hours a day through IP cam, though only a limited amout of persons online at the time, so if you are not watching remember to log off.
- Our puppies are never home alone, only as training and then only for maximum 2 hours.
- A DKK purchase contract.
- A DKK Pedigree.
- A blue EU dog passport incl. first vaccination.
- ID marking with mikrochip.
- Health certificate from the veterinary.
- A map guiding you through grooming, and what you need for your new family member.

- A copy of all health tests done on the parents of your puppy.
- A blanket and a soft toy that smells of mom. 
- A start packet with puppy food, that the puppy is used to and a feeding guide.
- A puppy leash

- A puppy temperament test.
- We collect all the things in a moving box that the puppies can use as their first bed. 

- All puppies will be lion clipped before they move.

- Puppies will be given there forever families very close to the age of eight weeks.
- A free puppy grooming/clip by the breeder before the puppy turns 9 months.
- The possibilitie to have your dog groomed by your breeder all its life, as I love to follow my "babies" through all their life.
- An engaged breeder with more than 20 years of experience in the breed.
- When the puppies are born and we are ready there can be payed an deposit, and thereby be assured the right to receive a puppy that will fit well into your family. 
Maximum 2 puppies can stay till the age of 15 weeks and for those we charge an extra 3000 dkr all inclusive, payed together with the deposit.