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March 2014

1st of March we received 7 lovely puppies, 5 boys and 2 female, both brown and black and some with beautiful white markings!

February 2014

We are expecting puppies 2 weeks time 🤪 Ready for their new homes in the beginning of May ❤

We have put the bars into the whelping box and set up some decorations, light, underneath heat and shelves. Still need to have the plugs and wires fixed differently and more safe. Also the radio will be placed over the whelping box, together with towels and and other things we could need for the new borns 🤩 (picture will come)  

We have had the web cam set up so that it will work on skype if you search for Kennel Unistars. We will buy an IP camera so that you can log on the IP adress without needing us to answer on skype 😎 We do our best, please be patient.

16th February Cocos stomach is growing everyday, and she is having her tommy well cared for, especially the youngest member of the family is pading her tommy eventhough he sometimes thinks Coco is taking up a bit to much room in the sofa 😉

Coco have had her worm treatment.

She is begining to really alot of milk for the coming puppies.

She has become very food focused, but have already indreased her weight from 21 kg to 29 kg.

She "talks" alot with us, to be padded a litle extra and also in hope to get the last bite of our food 😋

She is really getiing big and with still another 2 weeks to go I assume we are either going to get 7 very big puppies or there will be more than 7 puppies.

We now have 6 wonderful families for our puppies, and ofcourse we are more than thankfull for that, but let me point out, after I had to disapoint a very loving family, that all adults in the household needs to agree about achieving a new puppy to the family.

14th February is day 45 and now the puppies are almost ready to be born, now they just need to grow a bit and set some coat.

11th February We have put out the ultrasonics on our danish site please follow the link to see the ultrasonics taken on day 43. 
Hvalp = Puppy. Try and note in the side amniotic of Hvalp/Puppy 6  you can see that there have been growing 2 fetuses, but one of the twins is no longer. Hvalp/Puppy 7 is the amniotic were the twins were in.
It was truely fun doing these ultrasonics, to see their small heart beats, their small movements, with exception of Hvalp/Puppy 3 who were sleeping the hole time 🤩 Also we were able to see the backbone, ribs and craniums 💋 

A litle bit of sun reminded us of spring today, and we made a few pictures of the coming parents.

Day 40 is the time where the small toes begins to take shape.

Coco is taking good care of newly clippes stomach, which is growing day to day.

5th February Cocos tummy has started to grow, and it is just lovely to see how she is manageing the pregnancy so well.

Coco is still going with us out running, but she gets tired at around 4-5 km, so we just take calm runs and have a cozy time out.

Coco loves her whelping box, and has definately included it on her list over really good places to relax and take a nap, eventhough she can also rummage her box 🙂one has to prepare for the puppies 💋

Her appetite has increased violently, and I have no doubt that she has entered her third trimester, we have increase her amount of food with 50-75% 
It is now the times were the puppies get there bodies and skeletons 💋

We are absolutely convinst that the classic music have a possitive impact on Coco. A calm pregnancy with classic music and her body full ofhappy hormones, must be the best present we can give Coco and the coming small prinses and prinsesses ❤ 

January 2014

Speed and fun in the snow :-)
Speed and fun in the snow :-)
The beautiful parents :-)
The beautiful parents :-)
Aston, now with moustache :-)
Aston, now with moustache :-)
Coco after diving in the snow :-)
Coco after diving in the snow :-)
Ready for more fun :-) Our crazy big baby :-)
Ready for more fun :-) Our crazy big baby :-)

On the 31 day the eyelids begins to be visible.

Coco's pregnantcy is confirmed.

29th January  We were at the vet to do an ultrasonic on Coco. We hope soon to have pictures and small movies from the ultrasonic.
But we inform that COCO's PREGNANTCY IS CONFIRMED, and that we saw 5 fetuses, one set of twins and we could see one or two more amniotics. 

Our best guess is that Coco and Aston are expecting 8-10 puppies.
Twins are very unusesually, I have never seen it before, and it is a great possibility that one of the fetuses will be absorbed.
We will repeat the ultrasonic the 11th February, it will be exciting to see how big they have become and if she is still expecting twins 🤪

Aston and Coco sharing the whelping box.

On the 22nd day the ears begins to form.

D. 22 January The waiting time is almost unbearable, and we are so excited to see how many small hearts we will see blincking on the ultrasonic in one week time ❤

Coco seems to be feeling very well and she just loves to stay close to us, though, I think she is a little bit more educatively towards Aston, but he is also a bit ill-mannered and surely must be corrected when he uses her back to stand on two legs and showing squeeker balls at head height 😎

In this litter we will implement a program called " superdog " used by the U.S. army on their working dogs, it was reported to stimulate the brain and biosensors, as well as a number of vital organs, and include results in improved energy, capacity in blood circulation, strengthen the adrenal glands, provide greater tolerance to stress and a better immune system. It consists that the puppies from the age of 3-16 days, shortly will be tipped upside down, lie on their back in our hands, "stand" on a cold humid surface and have their paws gently cuddle with a soft cotton pad. It will be interesting to see how they will react to it 🙂

14th January We are almost sure that Coco is pregnant, she is all the time begging for a cuddle, she is much more sleepy and have a very hot tummywith lots of milk 💋 We can't wait to see the small hearts blinking at the ultrasonic 😘

7th January Coco most surdenly have changed behaviour, she is much more calm, and sleeps alot more, ofcourse she is still running with us, but she is surdenly tired afterwards ❤

We have brought in the whelping box, and both Aston and Coco are enjoying that ❤

The radio is playing classic music, as we know it reduces stress with children, it facilitate the learning with animals and that cows produce more milk when listening to classic music so we assume that it will also be beneficial for Coco and the fetuses ❤  

Ultrasonic examination will be the 29th January, and will be digital. 

2nd Januar was a calm day for the dogs, and we were convinst, that the las mating had been done, but most definitely love was in the air again the 3rd January and a 5th and last mating was a fact ❤

1st January and a 4 mating is a reality ❤

1st January 2014 3rd mating between Coco and Aston is done. We now hope to be able to confirm puppies with ultrasound in 3 weeks time.