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We are expecting puppies in spring 2020 after Nilsi & Fritzi ❤

We will be mating Fritzi in end of January 2020 and puppies expected end of March 2020 and ready to move to their new families end of May 2020.

Both parents are health tested and clear for HD, PRCD-PRA, EOPRA, JDCM, GM-1, IC and eyechecked.

We are at anytime more than happy to answer questions and give you further information about our plans and conciderations - jusk ask (-:

In our G-litter we will aim to go back and catching up on the old bloodlines after our Gloria, she was an amazing sweet sweet dog, a true living angel and not a singel rough action could be seen from this girl and her lines. Also we will bring in the bloodlines from our Cirkeline, the coolest female we have ever had, she was always deeply considerated in what she was doing, and never acted without thinking. She was the leader of the pack, but always calm, fair and square, and not least a loving and faithfull companion of the hole family.
So in this litter we will go back to the lines I love the most in this breed, aiming for healthy, sweet, stable and clever dogs. The beauty and typical happy working drive is deeply plantet in our lines already. 
If you are interested in a puppy from us please copy our questionnairy, fill in the answers and send it to us.

The Male - Far

Multi Champion Isostar's Nannas Nilsi "Nilsi"

HD: A, PRCD-PRA: Clear by parents & test pending, EOPRA: Test pending, GM-1: Test pending, IC: Clear by parents & test pending, JDCM: Test pending. 

Nilsi is a sweetheart boy, and is nice and polite to all other dogs and humans he meets. He will not ever take up a fight with anyone, he is truely easy going and a very loving and faithfull companion. He is a calm personality at home, but surely loves to work in water and follow his family on long walks and on skies in the winter.

In top of his wonderful caracter, he is a super beautifully constructed dog, standing and on the moved, presenting the breed type at the very highest level. 

One very special sweet boy ❤

Pedigree/Stamtavle - Isostar's Nannas Nilsi "Nilsi"

The Female - Mor


Multi Junior Champion, Multi Junior Winner, Multi Champion and Multi Winner
Unistars Feinschmecker "Fritzi"

HD: A, AD: 0, OCD: Normal, PRCD-PRA: Clear, EOPRA: Clear, GM-1: Clear, IC: Carrier, JDCM: Clear by parents. 


Fritz is a very happy and very communicating girl using her hole little body to get the message out. Off leash she gets along with all other dogs, and is in general a very easy going female.
She loves to work and please her family in anyway. Especially is she very keen on rally obidience and waterwork. At home she loves to cuddle in the sofa, and she will lay on top of you if she can, she is one of those -close, closer, closest dog.
She is not protective on her crate or property, and we barely hear her barking, unless she is playing with another dog.She measures 48-49 cm high and wights 20 kilos and have a very correct and powerfull little body. 
You just fall in love with her ❤