In memory of our loved ones


Unistars All Unik

HD: not testet, AD: not tested, OCD: not tested, Optigen: not testet, JDCM: not testet, GM-1: not testet, IC: not tested.

02.10.1997 - 03.05.2013

Portuguese, Spanish, Danish and Internationale Champion

Amsterdam Junior Winner 98, Copenhagen Winner 01, Copenhagen Winner 02, PWD of the Year 02, DKK Winner 02, PWD of the year 07, DKK Winner 07.

Unik was my old girl, turned 15 years and 7 month when the time was up, and I had to say a final good buy to my friend through half my life.We have had enormes amount of fantastic experiences together, but her coat have also carried many tears when life wasn't easy. She was very special to me, and out of my first litter....

Forever in my heart and thoughts.....

 Diogo Cão Do Monte Gordo  Al-Gharbe Do Vale Negro  Pinehaven's On The Town  Anacoves La Primera Samba
 White Cap Graca Bravata
 Lontra Do Vale Negro  António de Breckstown
 Troia Do Vale Negro  Faro Do Vale Negro  Meias Do Vale Negro
 Honey De Alvalade
 Marinha Do Vale Negro  Maré Do Vale Negro
 Hortense Do Zoo De Lisboa
 Ursula Of The Queen Ute  Faro II Du Domaine De La Pecauderie  Juba Do Vale Negro  Cherna Reliant
 Rosa Do Zoo De Lisboa  Macuti
 Lira De Azambuja
 Ki-Ki Of The Queen Ute  Nazaré Do Condinho  Ferragudo De Azambuja
 Chiquita Do Condinho
 Vai Nao Vai Do Condinho  Chico Do Condinho
 Darky De Alvalade


A Million Dollar Baby Mokry Bandita
HD: B, (A/B), AD: not testet, OCD: not testet, PRA: B Carrier, JDCM: 1-1 Normal, GM-1: Normal IC: not testet

 15.06.2006 - 12.04.2011

Melua was the sweetest and most easy female I have ever had, she was a daughter of my male Bouillon and the mother of kennel Unistars C-litter (-: Melua wasn't always confident with children that she didn't knew, and dog shows was definately not her favorit thing to do (= in opposite to agility which she really loved and were really good at doing.

In September 2010 Melua eate a big portion of raw cow meat and after that suffered of exocrine pancreas insufience, we managed to stabilize her with medication for around 6 months, but unfortunately after that she had an relapse and after 24 hours with intravenous antibiotic treatment and fluid therapy, we had no other choice, than to say a final and very sad godbye.

She has left us with alot of emptyness, and we do miss her unbelieveablely alot.

Unistars Brave Heart H Bosky Da Ria FormosaPeixe Rei Da Ria FormosaPascoal De Azambuja
Bela Da Coimeira
Unistars All Unik Diogo Cão Do Monte Gordo Al-Gharbe Do Vale Negro
Troia Do Vale Negro
Ursula Of The Queen Ute Faro II Du Domaine De La Pecauderie
Ki-Ki Of The Queen Ute
Sensi Maui v.d. Duca Vallei L'Homme Ysatis v.d. Duca Vallei Deewal Intrepid Pennrico's Partial Eclipse
Deewal Knollcrest Jocketa
Ysatis Pushkin v.d. Duca Vallei Faro II Du Domaine De La Pecauderie
Hunter's Cute Deewal Pie
Deewal Cocktails 'n Dreams Metanoia's Guerriero Knollkrest Rocky Mtn High
Pennrico Knollkrest Kantura
Deewal Severna River Farmion The Bismark
Deewal Columbia


Unistars Brave Heart

HD: C, AD: not tested, OCD: not tested, Optigen: A, JDCM: 1-1, GM-1: Normal, IC: not tested.

03.12.2000 - 09.11.2009

Danish, Swedish, Finish, Norwegian, Nordic and International Champion.

Bouillon was my old boy, we had a great time together in veteran class, but the time became to short, Bouillon tared over his knees because of his nerves reaction time were slowed down by spondylosis in his bag, we could have fixed the knee but never the spodylosis and the pain.
He was a male with a big M and he was always watching out for his girls and family, though he was not sharp in temper.

We will always remember our true Brave Heart.

 H Bosky Da Ria Formosa Peixe Rei Da Ria Formosa Pascoal De Azambuja Humberto De Alvalade
 Falésia De Azambuja
 Bela Da Coimeira Iate D'Albergaria
 Julieta De Azambuja
 Ondah Cocas Marim¹
 Dolly De Alvalade
 Viena Henrico Do Rio Mondego
 Gaivina Da Beira Ria
 Unistars All Unik Diogo Cão Do Monte Gordo Al-Gharbe Do Vale Negro Pinehaven's On The Town
 Lontra Do Vale Negro
 Troia Do Vale Negro Faro Do Vale Negro
 Marinha Do Vale Negro
 Ursula Of The Queen Ute Faro II Du Domaine De La Pecauderie Juba Do Vale Negro
 Rosa Do Zoo De Lisboa
 Ki-Ki Of The Queen Ute Nazaré Do Condinho
 Vai Nao Vai Do Condinho



Diogo Cao Do Monte Gordo

HD: not testet, AD: not testet, OCD: not testet, Optigen: not testet, JDCM: not testet, GM-1: not testet, IC: not testet

08.11.1996 - 13.07.2001

Portuguese, Danish, Spanish and International Champion

It was with Diogo I started in the breed, he was unbeliveablely beautiful, big and strong, and he really made his entrence where ever he came.
But one evening on his night walk he ate rat poisen, and unfortunately the next morning there wasn't much we could do to save Diogo.
I will always remember him.