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Isostar's Miss Snowy Unistars

HD: Not testet (too young), AD: Not testet (too young), OCD: Not testet (too young), PRCD-PRA: Not testet, EOPRA: Not testet, JDCM: 1-1 Not testet, GM-1: Not testet, IC: Not testet, Microphthalmia: Not testet (All gene tests will be done after x-ray).

Born: 28.07.2021

Martha is the first white PWD in Denmark, and is to us a dream come true. She looks very promising and have an funny and rather independent character. She charms everybody with her beautiful face.
She measures 49 cm in hight and have a super confirmation, just everything I dreamed of in a PWD. 
She is super with the other dogs, but can be quite a pain in the a.. if you ask Flora 😉

She loves to cuddle, but also sometimes goes to have a pacefull sleep in her donut just by her self. 
She is a very loved and fully adopted family member.


Unistars Gucci Bloom

HD: A, AD: 0, OCD: Affected (unaffected/affected), PRCD-PRA: Normal (by parents), EOPRA: Normal (by parents), JDCM: 1-1 Normal (by parents), GM-1: Normal (by parents), IC: unknown (will be testet), Microphthalmia: Normal (by parents).

Born: 02.04.2020

German Junior Winner 21 

Danish Junior Champion

Rally Novice Master

Flora is the baby of the house, always so funny and trying to understand what you are asking of her, and always full of suggestions on what she thinks you want :-)
She measures 50 cm in high and have a lovely compact body. She is not the boss at home, and sometimes try to see if she can then be the boss over other dogs she meets. But really she is a soft girl and she never succeed in being in charge. She gets along well with most dogs.
She loves to cuddle, and sleeps every night on my legs . 
She is a very easygoing family member, dearly loved by all of us.


Unistars Feinschmecker

HD: A, AD: 0, OCD: Unaffected, PRCD-PRA: Normal, EOPRA: Normal, JDCM: 1-1 Normal (by parents), GM-1: Normal, IC: Carrier, Microphthalmia: Normal (by parents).

Born: 24.02.2017

Benelux Junior Winner 18 & Amsterdam Junior Winner 17 

Danish & Dutch Junior Champion

Rally Novice Master, PWD of the year in Denmark 18, Benelux Winner 19, VDH HerbstSieger 19 & VDH BudesSieger 19

Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Nordic, Neitherlands, Luxembourg, German & International Champion.

Fritz is so funny and always communicating with her entire little body, not to speak about when she sits in at the dinner table just observing. She is a very human kind of dog.
She measures 48 cm in high but have a very correct and powerfull little body. She is soft in temperament, and gets along well with most dogs.
She loves to cuddle, and she will lay on top of you if she can, she is one of those -close, closer, closest dog . 
She is an very easy going family member, dearly loved by all of us. 

 Casa Hoya's My Style
 Patriot's Life In The Fast Lane  C-Lion's Sequel To The Ring  Downeast Lord Of The Rings
 C-Lion's Nina Simone
 Patriot's Whatever Floats Your Boat  Makitso's Almirante Da Armada
 Pouch Cove Every Sailor's Dream
 Casa Hoya's Makes Ya Giggle  Casa Hoya's Kiss Me If You Dare  Casa Hoya's Copyright Edition
 Casa Hoya's I'm A Flirt  Casa Hoya's Let's Get Loud
 Oreobay Rock My Girl Ashanti
 Unistars Embrace Life  Unistars Db 9 Aston Martin  Questar's Let The Sun Shine At Go And Win  Questar's Thunder And Lightning
 Questar's Once In A Blue Moon
 Rodtop Sweet Heaven Celebration  Tajmadoran Haribo
 Rodtop Cian O Connor
 Unistars Coco Chanel  Camlin Seadancer Salute 2 Rodtop  Aarion Backtothe Future Deblon
 Camlin Seadancer At Aarion
 A Million Dolar Baby Mokry Bandita  Unistars Brave Heart
 Sensi Maui v.d. Duca Vallei


Unistars Embrace Life

HD: A, AD: 0, OCD: Unaffected, PRA: B Carrier, JDCM: 1-1 Normal, GM-1: Normal, IC: Normal.

Born: 01.03.2014

German Junior Spring Winner 2015, German Junior European Winner 2015 & Neumunster Junior Winner 2015 

German Winner 2015, Amsterdam Winner 2015 & Rostock Sieger 16

German Junior VDH Champion

Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Nordic, German VDH, Dutch & International Champion

Rally Obidience passed at Novice level.

Susan is loved and owned by Susanne and Frank in Hvalsø.

She measures only 46 cm high but have a very powerfull litle body. She is soft in temperament, but can step into caracter if other dogs behaves rudely to her.
She loves to work, and does it with high concentration, on land and in water. 

Unistars Db 9 Aston Martin  Questar's Let The Sun Shine At Go And Win  Questar's Thunder And Lightning  Pinehaven The Pretender
 Questar's Athena Nike
 Questar's Once In A Blue Moon  Hunter's The One For Deerpark
 Questar's Shooting Star
 Rödtop Sweet Heaven Celebration  Tajmadoran Haribo  Tajmadoran Cameron
 Tajmadoran Marabou
 Rödtop Cian O Connor  Fryksdalens Dryga Drillo
 Rödtop Raya Port Au Princess
 Unistars Coco Chanel  Camlin Seadancer Salute 2 Rodtop  Aarion Backtothe Future Deblon  Tesouro Da Fazenda Kulu
 Aarion's Billie Jean
 Camlin Seadancer At Aarion  Fall Bracken
 Rysalka Symphony
 A Million Dolar Baby Mokrý Bandita  Unistars Brave Heart  H Bosky Da Ria Formosa
 Unistars All Unik
 Sensi Maui v.d. Duca Vallei  L'Homme Ysatis v.d. Duca Vallei
 Deewal Cocktails 'n Dreams