News 2008

Cirkelines first year in the show ring have been remarka, she has obtained the following: Copenhagen Winner 08, Cruft Qualified 08, World Wide PWD Junior Winner 08, World Wide PWD Winner 08, Nordic Junior Winner 08, DKK Winner 08, PWD of the Year in Denmark, Amsterdam Junior Winner 08 and Amsterdam Winner 08. Winner of 9 CAC, 1 x BIS 4, 1 x BIS Juniors, 1 x BIG, 1 x BIG 5/6, 4 x BOB, 3 x BOS, 2nd Best Junior female at the World Show 2008 with reserve CAC.

Through the year...

Den 8. december 2008, kun to dage efter at han havde været hos mig, døde Rocky af et hjertestop. Han var ud af Kennel Tjaldurs A-kuld og jeg har fulgt ham gennem hele hans 10½ år lange liv. Et sidste farvel.
The 8th of December 2008, only two days after he had visited med, "Rocky" died of af heart attack. He was out of Tjaldurs A-litter. He became 10½ years and he has always been a frequent visiter at my house. A final goodbye. 

We had our last show of the year 2008, and it was Cirkelines last show in Junior Class.
The 30th of November 2008 We travelled to Amsterdam to compete at the bigest show in Holland - Amsterdam Winner 08'.Cirkeline did a fantastic job and became Amsterdam Junior Winner 08', Amsterdam Winner 08', winner of a NL double CAC and BOS - wauw what an ending of junior class(-:
Mac was with us and did a great job becoming reserve best open male - but being 2nd best is really good but just don't give any title(-:
A big congratulation to my friend Ilona with her Amsterdam winne title and BOB - and thanks for your fabolous hospitality.

The 9th of November 2008 we participated at the DKK international Nordic Winner show in Herning. Mac had his show debut and was 2. Best Male of Breed, with reserve CACIB and reserve CAC, he made us very proud as the competition was hard, behind him were the WW 08 and Bouillons son from Norway. Cirkeline became Nordic junior Winner 08, DKK Winner 08 and hereby PWD of the Year 2008. Unik became Best Veteran of Breed and PWD Veteran of the Year 2008 for the 2nd time(-:
We are so proud of our dogs and their results – we had a great weekend with wonderful company from Norway, Holland and Denmark.  

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The 18th of October 2008 the male to our next litter is coming to Denmark. He will stay in Denmark for around 6 months, so now potential puppy buyers for our C-litter can see both mom and dad of the litter at kennel Unistars – DK (-:

The 12th of October 2008 Melua participated in our first official DKK Agility competition in Ribe,  And how she enjoyed it and how great she is doing agility. Both AG open and AG 1 ended in a DIS because of her mommy screwing things up (-: But in Tunnel haddock she came in on a super 13th place and in SP 1 she were cool enough on the 17th place. I am so proud of my sweet Melua(-:

  The 27th of September 2008 Bouillon became the proud father of 10 beautiful pups born at Kennel Rödtop – Sweden. 3 females and 7 males(-:

At the DKK international show in Ballerup the 20th of September 2008, Both Cirkeline and Unik got Excellent with CK, and furthermore Unik was Best Veteran in Breed (-:

At the NKK international show in Rogaland the 14th of September 2008. There were 22 PWD’s entered. Cirkeline took 2nd Best Female. Bouillon was with us and this was his last show in open class, I almost can’t remember when I last showed him in open class, in my head he has almost always benn in champion class(-: But my almost 8 years old Bouillon boy won open class, and got Best Male, Norwegian Champion, BOB and later on the day BIG 1 (-:
It almost made me cry when al his titles were called out loud on the speakers and Bouillon proudly jumped on the podium(-: What an end on a long and beautiful career.
In Norway we visited Kennel Golden Water and what a lovely time we had there(-: Bouillons son Rödtop Harley Henriksen was 2nd Best Male and BOS was owned by Kennel Golden Water – so everybody had a lovely day, and there were lots of support in the main ring(-: Thanks for a super trip to Norway – we will surely come again(-:

At the KJS national show in Vejen the 7th of September 2008, Melua got a Very Good – but she did the best she could(-: Cirkeline  took her 7th certificate og BOB, later on the day she was BIS Juniors, BIG 1 og BIS 4 – wow it doesn’t get much better(-:

At the DKK international show in Vejen the 16th of August 2008, Cirkeline took Best of Breed. Hereby Cirkeline also won her 6th certificate. Melua got a Excellent with CK and was 4th Best Female in Breed (-:

12 th of August we got the HD result on Cirkeline and she is HD A – we are so happy for that(-:  

The 6th of July we participated at the World Show in Stockholm were 104 PWD’s were entered, so we can’t say we were missing competition J Cirkeline ended up beautifully 2nd Best in Junior class and later on she also beaded a lot of older dogs, when winning the reserve CAC, well done young girl – you did a great job.

The 4th of July 2008 we travelled with Cirkeline to Sweden where we were stayed at in a lovely little cottage, in the cottages around ours were a lot of other PWD staying, it was such a nice and cosy stay with very enjoyable and helpfully company. The 5th of July we participate at the World Wide PWD show of Sweden 2008, we were very excited as there were entry of 95 PWD’s, so we figure out Cirkeline would have a hard time getting success J but to our amazement she became World Wide PWD Junior Winner 2008, and won her 5th certificate only this time it was a Swedish one, which will make her Swedish Champion when she becomes a Danish Champion, further more she beaded all the older females and also got the title World Wide PWD Winner 2008.
We are so proud of our young girl – thank you Marie, kennel Rödtop, for letting us have this fabulous girl.   

At the DKK international show in Brøndby the 28th of June 2008, Cirkeline (who had had 1 year birthday the day before) took Best of Breed and ended up placed as 5/6 Best In Group 8. Hereby Cirkeline also won her 4th certificate. Unik was Best Veteran of Breed and 2nd Best Female in breed. At this show we celebrated Cirkelines 1 year birthday with a cake and coffe – thanks for great company. 

At the DKK unofficial show in Årslev the 15th June (Meluas birthday) I took Melua and Cirkeline with me, both girls did very well, Melua got a excellent with ck and were place 3rd Best female, Cirkeline also had a excellent with ck and got Best of Breed and later on the day she was placed 2nd Best In Group 8. I am so proud of my girls.

The 11th of June Melua participated in the end of term competition at her agility team, and for the second time in a role Melua were placed as number one on her team, she really loves doing agility, and we were so happy for her success.

At the DKK national show in Varde the 1st of June 2008, Cirkeline who was only 11 took her 3rd certificate and ended up 2nd Best female, after my 10 years old female Unik who also took Best of Breed and Best Veteran of Breed. We had a lovely day with very nice company.

26th of May we got the JDCM result on Bouillon and she is 1-1 probable normal – we are so happy for that.

At the DKK international and Cruft qualifying show in Hillerød the 3rd of May 2008, Cirkeline was only 10 months old but managed to get Best of Opposite Sex, Cruft qualified and won her seccond certificate. Unik was Best Veteran of Breed and Best In Show 2 Veterans. We had a lovely day and kennel Casahoyas kept us company, took pictures and supported us in the finals, thanks.

Sadly we said good bye to “Hubert” Unistars Astral Weeks the 3rd of May 2008, he became 10½ years old. Rest in peace old boy.

At the KJS national club show in Stepping the 1st of May 2008, Cirkeline was only 10 months old but even though she got Best of Breed and won her first certificate. Unik was Best Veteran of Breed and Best In Show 3 Veterans. Andrew did a great job in the Child and Dog competition and ended up 4th Best Child and Dog.

2nd of April we got the JDCM result on Melua and she 1-1 probable normal – Congratulation girl (-:

 At the DKK international show in Odense the 16th of February 2008, Cirkeline was Best Puppy of Breed, Unik was Best Veteran of Breed and Best of Opposite Sex. Melua and her sister Amanda both got excellent, Amanda was first in intermediate class and Melua second, Bouillon got a very good in champion class.