Our house and garden seen from above (=

Mac on tour with Sian and Andrew on bike.

Searching for food (=

Daddy Mac, Coco and Nelle (=

Cirkeline with Andrews bike helmet - everyone wants to come....

Bouillon and his mommy Unik

Cirkeline in the whelping box.

Melua in the bath (=

Can we come in (= Cirkeline and Mac wants to enter the grooming room (=

Our garden a few agility things are out (=

Cirkeline in our patio (=

Our patio - my grooming room and Christians working room are very closely placed.

Cirkeline in the door opening

Cirkeline on the stairs (-:

Our house

Andrews tree - everyyear with new toys (=

Andrew and my husband Christian - active in the patio - and ofcourse our dogs compaine them (=

Mac Cirkeline, Coco and Melua (=

Coco found a robins (=

My husband made this for us to train agility at home (=

Old Unik in the couch (=

Coco on the couch in Normay (=

Coco the sweetest puppy sleeps anywhere.

Coco in Norway

Andrew, Sian and Coco in Norway

Coco on our honeymoon in Norway

My son Andrew and Coco

Coco do I need to say more??? (=

Christian, Coco and Andrew playing in Norway

Our spot and camp in Norway - so nice (=

Coco and Sian on the famous pulpit (=

Christian, Andrew and Coco climbing the pulpit in Normay

Cirkeline and Coco in the snow

Yummi Cirkeline loves the snow

Cirkeline carrying her bags - she loves to work (=

Cirkeline and Melua at work with their bags (=

Coco jumping for the glove - please notice the shoes (=

Coco in the snow with her new shoes (=

Mac and Cirkeline inspecting the sun chariot (=

Running is the passion of the hole family, pictured; Mac, Sian Andrew and Melua

Some picture of the family, the dogs, our house, our garden, our grooming room etc. etc. :