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Almost 4 weeks pregnant and there is really coming signs of pregnancy, Susan who have always been the baby for the family is now all of a sudden becoming adult, so fun to see Hjerte

Pregnancy confirmed
So so happy and pround to say that we have pregnancy confirmed by Happy & Susan. 9-10 small hearts beating. Ultrasound expertly done by Katrine Kirchhoff at Frijsenborg Vet group the 16th January 2017.

2 weeks since we mated Susan with Happy - and we have now observed that Susan is a litle more calme and a litle more amorous Hjerte and I do believe their is a litle difference in the niples as well Vinker Ohhh we almost can't wait to see the ultra sound on the 19th January Ha ha

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Happy New Year 2017

We ended the show year 2016 in Herning were Cirkeline (Multi Ch & W Rodtop Sweet Heaven Celebration) became Best Of Breed Veteran and herby also Danish veteran Winner 2016 - so proud of her and the shape my friend Karen is keeping her in Hjerte
In Herning our Susan was invited to be a participant in the Nordic Junior Handling Championship.
A competition were handler and dog don't know each other before the competition starts. The competion is for the top 20 best junior handlers in the nordic countries, so only the cream of the cream competing, and I am so proud to say that our sweet litle Susan did a fantastic job working like a pro for 4 hours, but OMG Susan and her norwegian junior handler Susann won Silver medal at the Nordic Championship in Junior handling.

The 10th December Coco came in heat and the 15th December Susan went in heat. So right after a wonderful Christmas we packed up and went to Holland in the evening on the 25th december so that we could meet up with happy in the morning on the 26th December. 

Puppies expected

To see Happy and Susan meet again on the 26th December was so sweet, these two dog are really in love Hjerte

In the morning on the 26th they only had fun and played together, but when we meet again in the afternoon they succeded to mate. We decided to let them meet again on the 27th at midday, and again they mated succesfully. After the second mating we went to meet Happy's family, Petra Heuseveldt her husband their two children and a foster child. Thank you for your hospitality, it was so nice to see how Happy lives his everyday life. We decided to let Susan and Happy meet again in the morning on the 28th December and they mated for the third time before we went back home to Denmark.

Thank you Ilona Griffion to let us have the possiblity to use Happy with Susan. This is really a dream combination, Happy is the sweetest boy on earth and I couldn't wish for a better temperament, and he carries a litle of our old lines, and some new beautiful lines into our breeding.

Now for the next 2 weeks it is just a question to keep Susan in good shape and avoiding any type of stressfull situations, for the pregnancy to be succesfull. At the end of week 4 we will do an ultrasound to confirm the pregnancy.

As our girls have never had problems with fertility and we know Happy can produce big litters, and we now have 3 succeded matings, we do expect a rather big F-litter to be born in the end of February, and ready for their new families at the end of April 2017.
So we are still looking for loving families to become new stationary homes for our coming spring puppies 2017. 

We have put in a page on how to find us and were stay - maybe a help for some of you?  

Ultrasound by Katrine Kirchhoff at Frijsenborg Vet group the 16th January 2017 - we are so excited Smiler